Caroline County Possession of Marijuana Lawyer

marijuana possession Caroline County va is illegal and requires skilled representation if arrested Possession of Marijuana in Virginia is still a criminal offense. The Caroline County authorities take enforcement of these laws very seriously. The most frequently enforced marijuana law is Virginia Code 18.2-250.1, which criminalizes simple possession. Marijuana distribution and transportation violations are more serious marijuana offenses that can trigger significant terms of incarceration if convicted. There are serious consequences that can drastically affect your freedom & your future if you are convicted of any marijuana offense. If you have been accused of any possession of marijuana offense in Caroline County, then it would be a good idea to consult an experienced Caroline County Possession of Marijuana Lawyer. Penalties for a misdemeanor simple possession case may include:

  • Incarceration
  • Excessive fines
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Community service
  • Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program
  • Random drug testing
  • Loss of student aid and other educational institution penalties
  • Loss of employment or employment opportunities

Virginia Marijuana Penalties

caroline county virginia marijuana penalties can include serious incarceration

Effective Caroline VA Possession of Marijuana Attorney

Bowling Green Courthouse is a historic county courthouse located at Bowling Green, Caroline County, Virginia. It was built about 1830, and is a two-story, four bay wide, brick temple form building in the Jeffersonian Roman Revival style.Virginia law criminalizes marijuana possession and makes it unlawful for any person to knowingly or intentionally possess marijuana. Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law have extensive experience defending clients from marijuana possession allegations and can assist you with your case. We can help you understand the charge you are facing, the possible defenses of your case, and the consequences of a conviction. We examine the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest, whether the police violated the Fourth Amendment, whether the police had a reasonable suspicion to stop you, whether any warrant was supported by probable cause, and whether any other violations may have tainted the seizure of evidence the prosecution will attempt to use against you at trial. Any chance of a successful defense can only realistically be accomplished with the assistance of an accomplished Caroline VA Possession of Marijuana Lawyer. In many cases, you can prevail on a number of defense objections or motions, even if you think you are guilty. Do not give up hope and protect your rights by contacting us today for a free no obligation initial consultation.

Virginia’s War on Marijuana

Some states have either legalized or decriminalized marijuana. Not Virginia. While some states are relaxing their marijauan laws, Virginia seems to be getting more aggressive with its marijuana enforcment and prosecution according to reports. In Virginia, a first offense simple possession of marijuana allegation can and often triggers a jail sentence is convicted. Every possession of marijuana case begins with an arraignment in Court. The arraignment is the point in the procedure where the Judge has to make sure that the Defendant understands his or her right to be represented by an attorney.

 As the rest of the country has moved toward decriminalization of marijuana, Virginia has been imposing a sharp crackdown. Arrests for weed possession shot up 76 percent from 2003 to 2014 — a stark departure from the 6.5 percent national decline during the same period — and the increase is speeding up, not slowing down. What’s more, the focus has fallen heavier on African-Americans. Blacks used to be arrested for marijuana offenses 240 percent more often than whites; now they’re arrested 330 percent more often. This makes little sense — especially when you can walk into any one of several hundred stores run by the state itself and buy another powerful drug that is even more dangerous. People can and do die from alcohol withdrawal. That’s not true of marijuana. Yet the state rakes in money from booze, which kills tens of thousands of people a year nationwide — and shells out tens of millions of dollars a year to punish people for using pot. Virginia’s political class seems ill-inclined to legalize marijuana this year, or perhaps even this century. But the state and its localities need to reconsider the harsh stance they have taken toward the drug. It is not reducing consumption or producing any other apparent benefits, but it is making life harder for citizens who get saddled with criminal records. That’s particularly true for African-Americans, who already face serious obstacles to employment and wealth creation. No one can seem to articulate an intelligent reason for spending so much time, money and effort fighting marijuana use rather than regulating and taxing its sale, as the state does with alcohol. Until someone can, Virginians can only conclude that state and local officials are the ones acting stoned.

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5/16/2016 | Updated 2/22/2020