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A Virginia State Trooper in Hanover County is making a traffic stop on I95 in Hanover VA for a traffic violation to issue a traffic ticketRiley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is a prestigious local traffic law firm that defends traffic cases every week in the Hanover County Courts. Our Hanover VA Traffic Attorneys possess over 45 collective years of traffic law experience and are routinely recognized by legal publications for superior legal ability and the highest of ethical standards. We carefully examine each case in detail so that the client’s best possible defense may be presented to the court. The Virginia traffic law is strict. Thus, if you have been accused of violating a traffic law in Hanover County, then it would be in your best interests to engage an experienced Hanover VA Traffic Lawyer for representation. Some traffic violations are minor infractions and some are felony offenses that carry a prison sentence if convicted. Some of the more frequently enforced serious traffic offenses prosecuted in the Hanover County Courts are as follows:

Many of these serious traffic offenses are punishable as follows:

  • Incarceration
  • Maximum fine of $2,500
  • Suspension or Revocation of driving privileges
  • VASAP enrollment if substance abuse related offense
  • Increased automobile insurance premiums or loss of coverage

Hanover County VA Traffic Attorney Client Reviews

Excellent Attorney! 5.0 stars Posted by a client May 19, 2015 I was traveling North on I-295 when I received a ticket for 83/70 mph and no display of a front tag. The Trooper informed me that it was considered reckless which is a Class 1 Misdemeanor in the State of VA. Since I was from out of town and never contested a ticket I asked a local law firm who they would recommend and they immediately said,

Experienced Traffic Attorneys Hanover County

historic hanover courthouse in hanover county virginia where hanover traffic cases were first argued by hanover county lawyersThe majority of the Virginia traffic law regulates less serious offenses such as class 3 and class 4 no incarceration misdemeanors and traffic infractions. Regardless of classification, many traffic violations are considered moving violation demerit point offenses and can also trigger loss of driving privileges such as being convicted for failing to maintain an automobile liability insurance policy pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-707. The Virginia DMV can further explain what offenses are considered moving violations and the Virginia demerit point system.  Some folks may ask why do I need an attorney to defend a minor traffic infraction? Every case, client and factual situation is different.

Reckless Driving is a Criminal Misdemeanor Violation in Virginia

a traffic ticket will be issued if you are at fault in a traffic case, then you will need a hanover va traffic lawyer

Hanover County Traffic Ticket

Accident cases often trigger a situation where a minor infraction such as fail to yield the right away or following to close is being alleged, but being convicted of the traffic infraction as it relates to a crash can have significant ramifications with any automobile insurance policy. Additionally, an experience Hanover County Traffic Lawyer can make sure your rights are protected and that your best defense is presented without being intimidated in the courtroom when you may not understand the rules and protocol of the trial process. Our law firm works hard to obtain each client the best possible result in every case.

Hanover Suspended License Va. Code 18.2-272 REDUCED No Jail

Our traffic lawyers represented a client who was alleged to have been driving in violation of a restricted driver’s license pursuant to Va. Code 18.2-272. The courts and the DMV take allegations like this very seriously. A conviction will typically lead to a jail sentence and loss of driving privileges for 12 months. In this case, Riley & Wells attorneys were able to find a weakness in the prosecution’s case and were also able to present favorable mitigating evidence on behalf of the client to convince the Judge to significantly reduce the allegation without a jail sentence, without loss of driving privileges and with only a minor fine being imposed. The client was relieved to avoid a jail sentence and to avoid any further loss of driving privileges.

Hanover County VA Reckless Driving Speeding DISMISSED

riley & wells attorneys represented a client for a traffic ticket in Hanover County VA and got the case dismissed

Hanover County Reckless Driving DISMISSED

Our traffic law attorneys represented a VCU student from Fredericksburg VA who was pulled over by a Virginia State Trooper on Interstate 295. The allegation was that the state trooper used R.A.D.A.R. to determine that our client was in violation of the reckless driving speeding law (84/70 mph) pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-862. We were able to appear in Court for the client without the client returning to Hanover County and we convinced the Judge to dismiss the case. The client was required to complete a driver improvement program, which he completed online, and to pay an $89 court cost. An excellent result for the client, particularly considering that a conviction would have meant 6 DMV demerit points, possible loss of driving privileges, and a likely increase in automobile insurance premiums.

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