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Best Law Firm 2024 Riley Wells Attorneys at Law - Traffic Ticket, Reckless Driving, Speeding, and Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is an established law firm. Our lawyers specialize in reckless driving defense. We represent clients before the Covington General District Court. Our attorneys have over 60 years of collective reckless driving law experience. We are a “Best Law Firm” according to U.S. News & World Report. Our lawyers are routinely recognized by various legal organizations for superior legal ability and high ethical standards. We have positively reviewed more than any other law firm that defends Covington VA reckless driving cases. CAUTION: A Covington VA reckless driving conviction will on average increase the automobile insurance premium by 73% or $1,046 EACH YEAR, according to

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Experienced Reckless Driving Defense Attorneys Covington VA

Experienced Reckless Driving Defense Attorneys Covington VA

Covington VA

Reckless driving in Virginia is strictly enforced. Reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor offense. The most enforced reckless driving law in Covington VA is the excessive speed law pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-862. This law criminalizes speeding 20 mph over the posted limit or driving faster than 85 mph. The City of Covington VA is along the I-64 corridor. Covington law enforcement aggressively patrol Interstate 64 and state highways in Covington VA. Our reckless driving lawyers can help you secure the best outcome. Let us review your case.

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Thomas Eichler
Thomas Eichler
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Experience Matters - Retain a Recognized ProfessionalOur trial lawyers are dedicated to defending reckless driving allegations. We are leaders in this practice area with a deep bench of experience from lecturing other lawyers about the status of the law at Virginia Trial Lawyers Association conventions to being a former Virginia State Trooper. You can benefit from our experience. An experienced Covington VA Reckless Driving Attorney can present your best defense before the Covington General District Court. We know how to best protect our clients.

Virginia Summons Reckless Driving Ticket Issued by Covington Police

Virginia Summons Reckless Driving Ticket Issued by Covington PoliceA Virginia Uniform Summons is the legal document issued by Covington Police, Deputy Sheriff’s or State Troopers during a reckless driving traffic stop. Motorists often refer to this document as a ticket. The summons serves as legal notice for the alleged reckless driving violation. Signing the summons is not an admission of guilt. The summons advises you that a hearing will be at the Covington General District Court on a particular date and time. The hearing will either be an arraignment or a trial depending on the case. Allow our top rated Covington VA reckless driving lawyers to review your summons. We can develop a defense strategy even if you think you are guilty.

Free Covington VA Reckless Driving Lawyer Consultation

Free Covington VA Reckless Driving Lawyer ConsultationSome drivers think they do not need a lawyer for their Covington VA reckless driving case. The biggest issue is usually experience. Keep in mind that there can be a lot riding on the case because reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor that carries harsh penalties. Our top rated Covington VA reckless driving lawyers know the best tactics for obtaining good results. Our attorneys spend a significant amount of time in the Covington General District Court every day and are familiar with the habits of the of the different judges and the law enforcement officers who issue reckless driving tickets. This local knowledge is invaluable when determining how to best defend a reckless driving case.

Penalties for VA Reckless Driving Convictions

  • Maximum 12 months in jail
  • Maximum $2,500 fine
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Moving violation demerit points

  • Increased automobile insurance rates
  • Community service
  • Driver improvement programs
  • Possible employment problems

Covington Reckless Driving DISMISSED

Covington VA Reckless Driving DISMISSED

Reckless Driving DISMISSED

Our lawyers represented a client who was charged with reckless driving for driving too fast. In this case, we developed defenses to the police RADAR device used to calculate speed. A plea of not guilty was entered. We were able to effectively cross examine the police officer who operated the RADAR in this case and made the reckless driving allegation. We exposed the fact that the RADAR used in this particular case was not tested for accuracy with properly calibrated tuning forks, which is required by Va. Code 46.2-882. The Judge granted our motion to dismiss the case.

Covington Reckless Driving 90+ mph NOT GUILTY

Covington VA Reckless Driving 90+ mph NOT GUILTYOur attorneys in Covington defended a college student who was charged with Reckless Driving for driving in excess of 90 miles per hour on Interstate 64. There are over 30 colleges and universities along the I-64 & I-81 corridor. At least half of all Virginia college students and their families use the I-64 & I-81 corridors. We presented compelling evidence and arguments to persuade the Covington General District Court to take the case under advisement and to eventually find our client NOT GUILTY.

Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer Client Review

While returning to NJ from SC, my wife was cited for doing 81 in a 70 and while we actually going nowhere near 81 mph. we were not overly confident in our ability to fight the charge from such a long distance. We contacted Riley & Wells provided the details and they were able to help us lower the charge to a non moving violation, which was a huge help. We had several VA plates in front of us moving faster and several behind and still the officer pulled us out of the group (NJ plates). Something needs to be done about the dishonest way that the State of VA rakes in 100+ million a year in fines on the backs of out of state motorists. Thanks to Riley & Wells at least we have a fighting chance!

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