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Best Law Firm 2024 Riley Wells Attorneys at Law - Traffic Ticket, Reckless Driving, Speeding, and Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is an established local Hopewell Virginia law firm that specializes in criminal law & defending motorists charged with DUI, reckless driving, speeding and traffic law violations. We are recognized as a “Best Law Firm” by U.S. News & World Report. The law enforcement community in Hopewell is serious about enforcing the law, particularly along the Interstate 295 corridor. The majority of cases filed in the General District Court are traffic law cases. Many of our clients are not from the area or are Out-of-State drivers. Let us review your case. Put our experience to work for you. There may be defenses to your case even if you think you are guilty. We can help!

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Interstate 295 Hopewell VA Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket LawyerThe City of Hopewell is located along the Interstate 295 bypass around the Richmond Metro Area. The Hopewell County Sheriff’s Office has a traffic unit that specifically patrols the Interstate. Hopewell City Police & State Police also patrol the area. Do not plead guilty to your case without first consulting a Hopewell lawyer that specializes in defending I-295 cases. We defend I-295 traffic cases every week. This practice allows us to present the best defense. We believe that our clients benefit from this experience. Our attorneys are routinely recognized for superior legal ability and possess high ethical standards. In Virginia, a conviction is permanent and cannot be expunged.

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Experienced Attorneys That Defend Hopewell Virginia Criminal Cases

Experienced Attorneys That Defend Hopewell Virginia Criminal CasesOur Hopewell VA Criminal Defense Lawyers have dedicated their careers to the practice of criminal law, which includes the more specialized areas of DUI/DWI law & traffic law. Our firm handles a wide range of criminal cases, from minor traffic offenses to more serious charges such as murder. It is advisable to consult with an experienced Hopewell criminal lawyer who can assess your case, provide the proper guidance and represent your interests throughout the legal process. Our attorneys are members of prestigious legal organizations. We firmly believe that active membership and leadership in criminal law organizations such as the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers make us better advocates for our clients.

Successful Hopewell VA Reckless Driving Lawyers & Traffic Attorneys

Hopewell VA Traffic Law Defense AttorneysVirginia has strict reckless driving laws. There are over 10 different reckless driving laws. Some of the most severe in the Country according to WalletHub. Va. Code 46.2-862 states in part that a motorist can be convicted of misdemeanor reckless driving for driving faster than 85 mph. The maximum speed limit in Hopewell is 70 miles an hour. Law enforcement agencies aggressively patrol this jurisdiction and issue thousands of traffic tickets every year for various traffic violations such as reckless driving and speeding. NOTE: The issuance of a summons or traffic ticket is NOT a conviction. Contact an experienced Hopewell attorney before you plead guilty.

“AV Preeminent” Hopewell Attorney • Highest Possible Rating

Hopewell VA Traffic Lawyers Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket AttorneyFor over 135 years, Martindale-Hubbell has been the authority for evaluating attorneys for their legal ability and ethical standards through a Peer Review Rating system established by lawyers and judges who have personal knowledge of the attorney’s work. Hopewell Lawyers Riley & Wells Attorneys-A-Law maintain an AV Preeminent® rating. The highest Martindale-Hubbell peer rating standard. This is given to attorneys who are ranked at the highest level of professional excellence for their legal expertise, communication skills, and ethical standards by their peers. We will present your best defense. Review the law firm’s legal rating and exercise caution before you retain a Hopewell VA attorney with an inferior rating for legal ability and ethical standards.

Best Hopewell VA DUI / DWI Lawyers Defend Drunk Driving Cases

Best Hopewell Virginia DUI / DWI Lawyers Defend Drunk Driving CasesDrunk driving is taken very seriously by the Hopewell Courts. The DUI / DWI law can be very complex and the consequences of a conviction can be extremely serious and life changing. Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) & Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are often used interchangeably because they are both charged under the Va. Code 18.2-266. The Hopewell prosecutor can prosecute the offense regardless of whether alcohol or drugs or both are the intoxicant. Our Hopewell VA attorneys have successfully defended hundreds of DUI / DWI cases. Exercise caution before you engage a lawyer for representation that lacks the proper training or experience. Simply put, our Hopewell DUI / DWI Lawyers have the necessary experience to best defend your DUI / DWI case.

Specialized Training & Extensive Experience Make The Best Advocates

Hopewell VA Trial LawyersOur Hopewell Virginia trial lawyers are members of some of the most prestigious legal organizations, such as the National College for DUI Defense and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association. We believe membership and leadership with prominent trial lawyer organizations along with specialized training from such groups makes us better advocates for our clients. It is in your best interests to consult a professional with specialized training if you need representation for your Hopewell VA criminal law allegation or a summons for a traffic violation. Our law firm has been positively reviewed by more satisfied clients than any other firm. We will present your best defense!

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Hopewell VA Reckless Driving Attorney Traffic Ticket Speeding Lawyer Free ConsultationSome folks think they do not need a lawyer for their Hopewell criminal law or traffic violation case. The biggest issues with representing yourself are often the lack of experience and legal knowledge. Keep in mind that you will have to wrestle with the prosecutor and the Judge by yourself. Depending on the charges, there may be a lot riding on your case. Our experienced Hopewell defense attorneys know the best tactics and options for obtaining good results. We spend a significant amount of time in the Hopewell courts and are familiar with the habits of the different judges & prosecutors. This knowledge can prove to be invaluable in deciding how to best defend a Hopewell VA case.

Trusted Hopewell Criminal & Traffic Defense Lawyers

Hopewell VA Courthouse for Criminal DUI DWI Reckless Driving Speeding Traffic CasesWe are the Hopewell Virginia Lawyers that you want on your side if you have been accused of a criminal or traffic offense. We have the experience, integrity, and expertise you need to protect your rights before the Hopewell Courts. Do you want an inexperienced lawyer who will process your case through the Hopewell courts as quickly as possible without taking the time to learn what is important for you and your case? Of course not. You want an accomplished passionate advocate who works hard to protect their clients. We will stand by your side, from beginning to end, to represent you professionally, and aggressively if necessary.

Virginia Uniform Summons Issued by Hopewell Police for District Court

Virginia Uniform Summons Issued by Hopewell Police for District CourtThe most common scenario that brings folks to the Hopewell Virginia Courthouse is the Virginia Uniform Summons. This summons is the legal document issued by Hopewell law enforcement officers during a police encounter or traffic stop. This document is often referred to as either a ticket or citation. The summons serves as legal notice for the alleged violation. Signing the summons is not an admission of guilt. The summons advises you that a hearing has been set before the Hopewell Courthouse. A law enforcement can also issue a summons for criminal offenses such as reckless driving and other misdemeanor offenses. Allow us to review your summons. We can develop a defense strategy even if you think you are guilty.

The City of Hopewell is Well Known for Being an I-295 Speed Trap

Hopewell VA Speed Trap AttorneySome Virginia small cities and towns aggressively enforce the speed limit. Some accuse the Hopewell Sheriff’s Department with operating a speed trap on Interstate 295. Speed traps are an area of the road that police officers heavily monitor to catch people speeding. Technically defined as an area of road where police officers hide in order to detect vehicles exceeding a speed limit. Out-Of-State motorists often find themselves the victim of this speed trap. CAUTION: Convictions are reported back to the home state. Do NOT plead guilty. Consult a specialist! Our Hopewell lawyers have the experience to successfully defend your case.

Hopewell Trial Courts Are Adversarial By Design

Hopewell VA Criminal Law Reckless Driving Traffic Violation Defense AttorneyIf you have been accused of violating a Hopewell Virginia criminal or traffic law, then your case will eventually be set for trial before the Hopewell Courts. Criminal and traffic violation trials are adversarial in nature. This involves a structured and formalized dispute between the Hopewell Commonwealth Attorneys office and the defense. The adversarial system is designed to ensure a fair trial process subject to the rules of law and evidence by allowing each side to present their case and to be able to challenge the other’s arguments and evidence. The judge or jury ultimately evaluates the evidence, arguments, and the credibility of witnesses to reach a verdict. This system ensures that the prosecution meets its high standard of proof.

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