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Hopewell VA traffic lawyers Riley & Wells can present your best defense in the Hopewell courtsThe Hopewell Virginia authorities strictly enforce the Virginia traffic laws. The motor vehicle code of Virginia classifies various offenses such as reckless driving, aggressive driving, driving on a suspended or revoked license & DUI as serious misdemeanor criminal offenses. In fact, a motorist can be convicted of Reckless Driving for speeding as little as 11 miles per hour over the limit if the speed allegation is 81 miles per hour in a 70 mile per hour speed zone. A conviction for any traffic misdemeanor can severely jeopardize your freedom, your career, and your driving record. The Hopewell Sheriff’s Office aggressively enforces all of these laws, among other minor offenses too, as it regularly patrols Interstate 295.

If you have been arrested or charged with one of these allegations or any other criminal or traffic offense, then you need an accomplished Hopewell VA Traffic Lawyer. Many of these criminal traffic offenses are punishable as follows:

  • Maximum fine of $2,500
  • Incarceration
  • Suspension or Revocation of driving privileges
  • Assessment of moving violation demerit points
  • Increased automobile insurance premiums

Hopewell VA Traffic Attorneys Client Review

Out of State Reckless Driving Case 5.0 stars Posted by Christina April 5, 2013 Mitchell and the staff at Riley and Wells Law Firm are exceptional. They made beneficial recommendations for me prior to my hearing and made me feel a sense of ease during this turbulent time. I trusted Mitchell from the very beginning and it led me to the best case scenario I could have hoped for. I am so grateful for his success and my decision to hire this firm.

Experienced Traffic Attorneys Hopewell VA

most hopewell traffic offenses are alleged on a virginia uniform summons

Hopewell Virginia Traffic Ticket

The Hopewell VA Traffic Lawyers of Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law are a local law firm that has accumulated over 45 years of collective traffic law experience and have been recognized as a “Best Law Firm” for our excellence in legal ability and the highest of ethical standards. We carefully examine each case and deploy many strategies during our representation to secure our client the best possible outcome under the law. Representing yourself is often a mistake. You can benefit from our experience. We represent clients with traffic violation allegations in the Hopewell Courts as follows:

  • DUI
  • Habitual Offender
  • Eluding the Police
  • Hit & Run-Leaving the Scene of an Accident
  • Driving Without a Valid License
  • Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License
  • Commercial Driver’s License Violations
  • License Restoration
  • Reckless Driving
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Failure to “Move Over” or Yield to Stationary Emergency Vehicle
  • Out Of State Drivers
  • Speeding Ticket
  • Accidents
  • Moving Violations
  • Driving Without Automobile Insurance

Hopewell Reckless Driving Speeding 91/70 mph DISMISSED

a skilled hopewell traffic lawyer will know how to best defend your hopewell traffic caseOur Hopewell VA Traffic Attorneys represented a client from Alexandria VA who was driving thru Hopewell VA on Interstate 295. A Hopewell Deputy Sheriff pulled him over for speeding and issued a Virginia Uniform Summons (a.k.a. “the ticket”) for Reckless Driving-Speeding 91/70 mph. The client was a business professional and was neither in a position to return for the case nor looking forward to having to report a misdemeanor criminal conviction to his employer. Riley & Wells traffic lawyers detected a flaw with the Deputy Sheriff’s paperwork that affected the necessary courtroom testimony. At the appropriate time, we made a motion to dismiss the case, which Judge Clark accepted.

Hopewell VA Driving on a Suspended License DISMISSED

hopewell va lawyers riley & wells successfully defend a client accused of driving on a suspended driver's licenseOur Hopewell VA Traffic Lawyers represented a client from Petersburg VA who was pulled over by the Hopewell Police for a traffic infraction and her Virginia Driver’s License was suspended. The client had prior convictions for driving on a suspended license that made this allegation a 4th offense pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-301.  A conviction for driving on a suspended driver’s license third or subsequent offense automatically by law triggers a mandatory jail sentence of at least 10 days  and further loss of driving privileges if convicted. Notice and DMV error are common defenses to these types of cases. In this case, we corrected our client’s DMV issue and convinced the Judge that the proper remedy was to dismiss the allegation. The Judge agreed and dismissed the case.

Hopewell Reckless Driving 96/70 with No License REDUCED

In this case, our Hopewell VA Traffic Attorneys represented a client who was pulled over on Interstate 295 by a Hopewell Deputy Sheriff for reckless driving in violation of Va. Code 46.2-862 due to speed evidence that our client was traveling 96 miles per hour. Additionally, our client had an issue with his driver’s license that triggered the Deputy Sheriff to also charge our client with driving without a valid driver’s license in violation of Va. Code 46.2-300. The client feared a jail sentence.

Our traffic lawyers prepared a defense strategy and arguments that we believed would convince the Court to reduce our client’s allegations. We were right. We persuaded the Judge to significantly reduce the reckless driving at a speed of 96 miles per hour to the non-moving no DMV demerit point infraction of defective equipment and argued that the driving with no valid driver’s license should be dismissed. We protected our client.

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