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All Brunswick Criminal, Traffic & Reckless Driving cases go before the Brunswick County courthouse, which is located in Lawrenceville VARiley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is a local law firm that concentrates its Brunswick County (Lawrenceville VA) law practice primarily in the area of reckless driving traffic law because an overwhelming majority of law enforcement resources in the jurisdiction are spent on traffic enforcement. Our Brunswick County VA Criminal Lawyers are members of some of the most prestigious criminal law organizations in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the Country. We firmly believe that active membership and leadership in organizations such as the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, the National College for DUI Defense, and the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, to name a few, make us better advocates for our clients. When seeking representation, be cautious of an attorney or law firm that either juggles many areas of law or simply does not possess the necessary experience. A Virginia criminal conviction is permanent and it could forever negatively affect your future. Our trial attorneys dedicate their careers to the practice of criminal law and are ready to assist you with your case.

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brunswick county is along the interstate 85 corridor and is heavily enforced by law enforcementBrunswick County is a rural county on the southern border of Virginia that is bisected by Interstate 85, Route 1, and Route 58. The Brunswick County courthouse is located in the county seat of Lawrenceville VA, which is where the courthouse is located. Approximately 30 miles of Interstate 85 and Route 1 respectively pass through the county in the areas of Meredithville, Blackstone, Alberta, Warfield & Rawlings. Route 58 equally travels as many miles through the county as it passes through the county seat in Lawrenceville. passes These highways account for a large portion of the enforcement by the Virginia State Troopers, Brunswick County Deputy Sheriffs and various small local police departments.

Brunswick County (Lawrenceville VA) Client Reviews

We recently had to engage Riley and Wells regarding a traffic citation (81 in a 70 MPH along the I-85 corridor) our daughter received while driving back to her college in VA. After seeing the reviews that were posted, and speaking with the staff at Riley & Wells I believe we made an excellent choice. I appreciate their professionalism and diligent work in getting our her citation reduced to defective equipment. They did a fabulous job in preventing her from having points placed on her license (which would have meant a BIG increase in her premiums). I heartily recommend them to anyone in similar circumstances.

I had a reckless driving ticket in Brunswick county va and Mr. Wells had my ticket get reduced to faulty equipment the ticket was 84/70 I recommend all military veterans in the 804 area to use Mr wells he was very professional and treated the case as if it was his own ticket. Thank you sir !!

RD/Speeding charge greatly reduced. 5.0 stars Posted by Mary March 31, 2015 Mr. Wells was recommended by our lawyer/judge friend and our friend was right. Mr. Wells has earned his outstanding reputation and his ability to have a Reckless Driving/Speeding reduced to an improper equipment charge was most appreciated. I would refer him as the attorney to see for any legal issues within his expertise.

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speeding in excess of 80 miles per hour on interstate 85 in brunswick county va is a violation of the virginia reckless driving lawThe Commonwealth of Virginia has one of the strictest reckless driving laws in the Country according to WalletHub. Virginia Code Section 46.2-862 states in part that a motorist can be convicted of misdemeanor reckless driving for speeding in excess of 85 mph – even if the posted speed limit is 70 miles per hour. The speed limit on the approximate 30-mile stretch of Interstate 85 thru Brunswick County (Lawrenceville VA) is 70 miles an hour. Virginia State Troopers, Brunswick County Deputy Sheriffs & Lawrenceville Police Officers issue literally thousands of traffic tickets every year in Brunswick County VA for reckless driving, speeding, and other various traffic offenses, some of which are very serious.  This combination of strict state law, a long stretch of road, and aggressive policing often make for some unhappy motorists.

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the u.s. Constitution guarantees certain rights of individuals and people accused of any criminal offenses and sometimes traffic offensesOur Brunswick County (Lawrenceville VA) Reckless Driving Lawyers represent clients charged with reckless driving and other traffic violations every week in the Brunswick County (Lawrenceville VA) Courts. We believe that our clients benefit from this philosophy because it enables our lawyers to engage weekly with the same Brunswick County Judges, prosecuting attorneys, court clerks, and law enforcement officers. This practice allows us to better understand the Brunswick County Courts policies and procedures, which we can use to better serve our clients. It is our experience that this practice enables us to best represent our clients and secure the best dispositions for their respective cases.

Brunswick VA Reckless Driving Speeding 98 mph REDUCED

riley & wells attorneys successfully convinced the Brunswick judge to reduce a high speed reckless driving case

Brunswick County Reckless Driving 98 mph REDUCED

High-Speed cases in Virginia are taken very seriously by every Virginia Judge. In some states, excess speed allegations are merely minor infractions payable by a fine only unless there is some actual evidence of endangerment. However, in Virginia, the state law classifies speed in excess of 85 miles per hour as a misdemeanor reckless driving offense, which carries a jail penalty even if no evidence of endangerment exists. Such cases are always extremely difficult to resolve in such a way that protects the liberty of the client, not to mention protecting the record from a misdemeanor conviction. In this case, our Brunswick County reckless driving attorneys represented a client who was alleged to have been reckless driving speeding 98 mph on Interstate 85 by a Virginia State Trooper. The client feared both being incarcerated and being convicted of a misdemeanor offense for speeding that endangered nobody. Either scenario would have severely damaged a promising career path. We prepared our client’s case and were prepared for the trial date. We presented our client’s case to the Court and persuaded the Judge and the prosecution to reduce our client’s case out of the misdemeanor reckless driving category down to the lesser offense of improper driving, a mere traffic infraction punishable by a fine only. Our client avoided a potential career-ending misdemeanor conviction and protected his freedom. In some instances involving out-of-state motorists, a Virginia improper driving disposition will also better protect the out-of-state driving record from moving violation points because improper driving is a law that is unique to Virginia.

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