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new kent county criminal law trial attorneys represent clients before the new kent county courtsRiley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is a respected local law firm that represents clients accused of criminal offenses before the New Kent County VA Courts. Our attorneys possess over 45 years of collective criminal law experience and are dedicated to protecting the best interests of our clients. We believe that attorneys who both limit their practice to a specific area of the law and represent clients before the same courts every week can better represent their clients. Our New Kent County VA Criminal Lawyers are active members in some of the most prestigious legal organization’s such as the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, the National College for DUI Defense, and the Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, in addition to various local bar organizations. Our clients have benefited from our extensive criminal law experience. You can too!

Accomplished Criminal Defense Attorneys

new kent county va criminal trial lawyersCriminal trials can be very complicated. Do not trust your future with an attorney that either juggles many areas of law or simply does not possess the necessary experience. Do you want an attorney who will process your case through the courts as quickly as possible without ever really taking the time to learn your case? Of course not. We are the New Kent County Trial Attorneys that you want on your side. We have the experience, integrity, and expertise you need to protect your rights.

We can successfully defend any criminal law allegation including:

  • Possession of Marijuana and other drug offenses
  • Eluding The Police
  • Assault & Battery
  • Larceny
  • Underage Possession of Alcohol
  • Firearm Violations
  • Probation Violations

New Kent County VA Criminal Lawyer Case Review

Effective Criminal Defense Representation New Kent County VA

experienced new kent va criminal trial lawyers can present your best defense if accused of a criminal offense in new kent county In New Kent County, most criminal offenses throughout the county including Providence Forge, Quinton, Lanexa & Eltham are typically investigated by the New Kent Sheriff’s Office and then prosecuted by the New Kent Commonwealth’s Attorney. We believe that our extensive experience with both of these components of the prosecution make us better advocates for our clients. NOTE: An arrest is not a conviction, and a conviction does not necessarily mean a jail or prison sentence. However, if you have been arrested for a criminal offense in New Kent County, then it would be wise to consult a skilled New Kent Criminal Defense Attorney who can map out the best strategies for an effective defense. We take the time to listen to the specifics of each client’s matter, which enables us to completely understand the case and to subsequently present the best defense.

Felony Cocaine & Misdemeanor Marijuana allegations DISMISSED

our new kent va criminal law attorneys can defend any criminal offense in new kent county

New Kent County Drug Case DISMISSED

Our New Kent Criminal Defense Lawyers represented a client who was pulled over by law enforcement for excessive speed. During the traffic stop, the Virginia State Trooper became suspicious that there was more to the traffic stop than just excessive speed. After an extensive investigation, the state trooper eventually conducted a search of the motor vehicle and recovered amounts of cocaine and marijuana from the vehicle. Our client was eventually arrested, taken before the Magistrate at the Henrico County Regional Jail East in Barhamsville VA, and was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor possession of marijuana and reckless driving. Our client was devastated and believed his dream career in the Unites States Army was certainly destroyed. However, our criminal law attorneys tirelessly worked on the case to develop various defenses and arguments that we thought may protect the client. Eventually the matters were resolved with ALL allegations being DISMISSED.

Effective DUI & Reckless Driving Traffic Law Attorneys New Kent VA

traffic law police stop for traffic violation to issue traffic ticket by a new kent deputy sheriff in new kent vaCriminal Law is a specialized area of the law, which also includes the even more specialized areas of DUI and traffic law. Most DUI and traffic violations are considered misdemeanors or traffic infractions according to the motor vehicle code of Virginia; however, some traffic violations can be a felony. Misdemeanor and traffic infraction cases appear before the New Kent General District Court for trial every Tuesday and Wednesday. We successfully represent clients in this court every week from minor speeding cases to more serious cases such as driving while under the influence of alcohol allegations. We believe that repeated advocacy before the same court enables us to engage daily with the same Judges and prosecutors, which gives our client’s an edge because we understand the difference between the arguments that are effective in the New Kent Courts from those that simply do not work.

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By Mitch Wells 11/10/2015 | Updated 4/30/2018