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Best Law Firm 2024 Riley Wells Attorneys at Law - Traffic Ticket, Reckless Driving, Speeding, and Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law are established top rated local New Kent County VA lawyers that specialize in criminal law, firearms law & defending motorists charged with DUI / DWI, reckless driving, speeding and traffic violations. We are recognized as a “Best Law Firm” by U.S. News & World Report for superior legal ability and ethical standards. Many of the cases filed in the New Kent Courts are criminal & traffic law cases. We represent clients before the New Kent Courts every week. Our firm has been positively reviewed more times than any other law firm that represents clients charged with New Kent County VA criminal offenses & traffic violations. Put our attorneys in New Kent County Virginia to work for you. We can help!

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New Kent County VA Traffic Lawyer Defending Reckless Driving Speeding Traffic Violations in General District Court and Circuit CourtNew Kent County is located between Richmond and Williamsburg along the Interstate 64 corridor. I-64 enters the County near Bottoms Bridge and runs for approximately 15 miles. Route 60/Pocahontas Trail likewise enters the County near Bottoms Bridge and runs parallel to the interstate. Route 249 also referred to as New Kent Highway runs 18 miles from Bottoms Bridge east to Route 33 where New Kent Highway turns into Route 30. Route 33 runs concurrent with Route 60, then Route 269/New Kent Highway, and finally I-64 before it breaks off at Exit 220 and heads northeast as Eltham Road towards West Point. We represent clients before the New Kent Courts who have encountered law enforcement on these county highways.

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New Kent County VA Criminal DUI DWI Reckless Driving Attorney Traffic Ticket Speeding Lawyer Free ConsultationSome think they do not need a New Kent County VA attorney to defend their criminal or traffic case. For criminal cases, a lack of experience and legal knowledge are primary considerations. Those concerns along with being able to make it to the courthouse for the trial date are issues for traffic violation cases. The average person does not understand the best course of action to defend a particular case. Experienced New Kent VA lawyers know the best tactics for obtaining the best results. Our lawyers spend hours in the New Kent VA Courts every week and are familiar with the habits of the different judges and the law enforcement officers who make the arrests and issue traffic tickets.

Experienced Attorneys That Defend New Kent County VA Criminal Cases

New Kent County VA Criminal Defense Attorney Traffic Lawyer DUI DWI DefenseOur New Kent VA Criminal Defense Firm has dedicated their careers to the practice of criminal law. Our New Kent County VA lawyers handle a wide range of criminal cases. Every criminal case is a mix of procedure and substantive law. Title 19.2 of the Va. Code, the Virginia Supreme Court rules, and the Constitutions of the United States and Virginia govern criminal procedure. The substantive criminal law is primarily located in Title 18.2 of the Va. Code. Consult with an experienced New Kent County lawyer who can properly assess your case, provide necessary guidance and best represent your interests. We are members and leaders of prestigious legal organizations. We believe this engagement makes us better advocates.

New Kent County Attorneys Recognized by Virginia Super Lawyers

Super Lawyers for New Kent County Virginia Criminal Law and Traffic DefenseSuper Lawyers is a legal rating service comprised of outstanding attorneys from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement. This organization recognizes the top rated lawyers nationwide across a variety of practice areas and firm sizes using a patented process of independent research and peer input. Our New Kent County law firm has been recognized by this publication since 2009. No more than five percent of the Virginia lawyers are named to this list and no more than 2.5 percent are named to the Rising Stars list. This recognition is merit based. Retain a New Kent County VA specialist who has been recognized with this elite award.

Dedicated Reckless Driving Defense Attorneys in New Kent County

New Kent County VA Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket LawyersReckless driving in New Kent County is taken very seriously by law enforcement and the Courts. These reckless driving laws are some of the most severe in the Country, according to WalletHubVa. Code 46.2-862 makes driving 20 mph over the posted speed limit or faster than 85 mph a criminal misdemeanor reckless driving offense. The maximum speed limit in New Kent County is 70 miles an hour. The law enforcement agencies that patrol New Kent VA issue thousands of reckless driving tickets every year for various reckless driving violations. NOTE: A ticket is NOT a conviction. Contact an experienced New Kent VA attorney before you plead guilty. You can benefit from our experience. Convictions cannot be expunged.

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New Kent County VA Lawyer Interstate 64 Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket AttorneyInterstate 64 is over 960 miles long and runs from Missouri to Virginia Beach. Millions of travelers use I-64. There are 299 miles of Interstate 64 in Virginia and approximately 20 miles are located in New Kent County VA from Bottoms Bridge to Barhamsville. There are four I-64 exits in New Kent County: Exit 205 (Bottoms Bridge, Quinton), Exit 211 (Talleysville, Roxbury), Exit 214 (New Kent Courthouse, Providence Forge) and Exit 220 (West Point). A significant amount of enforcement occurs along the I-64 corridor in New Kent County. In many instances, we can successfully defend our client’s case- who is often not from the area – without them having to travel back for their trial date.

Virginia Uniform Summons Issued by New Kent Police for District Court

New Kent County VA Reckless Driving Speeding Traffic Ticket LawyerA common scenario that brings people to the New Kent Courthouse is the issuance of a Virginia Uniform Summons. This is the legal document issued by the New Kent Sheriff’s Department and State Police during a traffic stop. This document is referred to as a ticket. A law enforcement officer can issue a summons for a criminal misdemeanor offense or a traffic infraction. The summons serves as legal notice for the alleged violation. Signing the summons is not an admission of guilt. The summons advises you that a hearing has been set before the General District Court. Let our New Kent VA attorneys review your summons. We can develop a defense strategy even if you think you are guilty.

New Kent County Virginia DUI / DWI Defense Specialist

Best New Kent County VA DUI / DWI LawyersDrunk driving is taken very seriously by the New Kent County Courts. The DUI / DWI law can be complex and the consequences can be serious and life changing. Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) & Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are sometimes used interchangeably because they are both charged under the Va. Code 18.2-266. The New Kent County prosecutor can prosecute the offense regardless of whether alcohol or drugs or both are the intoxicant. Our New Kent VA attorneys have successfully defended hundreds of DUI / DWI cases. Exercise caution before you engage a lawyer for representation that lacks the proper training or experience. Engage a top New Kent County DUI / DWI Law Firm who can best defend your DUI / DWI case.

“AV Preeminent” New Kent County Lawyer • Martindale-Hubbell Top Rating

AV Preeminent New Kent County Virginia LawyersFor over 135 years, Martindale-Hubbell has been the authority for evaluating the legal ability and ethical standards of lawyers through a Review Rating system established by judges and attorneys. Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is an AV Preeminent® rated New Kent County law firm. The top Martindale-Hubbell rating standard. This is awarded to top rated lawyers who are ranked at the highest level of professional excellence for legal expertise, communication skills, and ethical standards. Retain a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent rated New Kent County VA criminal law & traffic defense firm for your case. Review the law firm’s legal rating and exercise caution before you retain a New Kent County VA attorney with an inferior rating for legal ability and ethical standards.

New Kent County VA Traffic Lawyers Presenting the Best Defense

Best New Kent County VA Reckless Driving Lawyer Traffic Lawyer Speeding TicketThe New Kent County traffic law classifies numerous offenses as traffic law violations. Some offenses are more serious than others. Traffic violations can be classified as a traffic infraction or a criminal offense. Criminal traffic offenses can be classified as either a felony or a misdemeanor. Traffic infractions can either be a demerit point offense or a non-moving offense. The classification of offense depends on the severity of the conduct. If you have been accused of violating any traffic law, then it would be wise to consult an experienced New Kent County VA lawyer. A traffic violation conviction may negatively affect your freedom and your future. CAUTION: A traffic violation will significantly increase the automobile insurance premium according to Insurance.com

Legal Elite Recognizes Top New Kent Attorney by Virginia Business

Legal Elite Recognizes Top New Kent Attorney by Virginia BusinessVirginia Business is dedicated to covering activity in the New Kent County legal community. In cooperation with the Virginia Bar Association, they have been recognizing Top Virginia Attorneys with its Legal Elite Award since 2000. There are over 23,000 legal practitioners in the Commonwealth. Legal Elite recognitions are awarded to approximately 1400 attorneys each year. This is an exclusive list of top rated attorneys who have been recognized for legal excellence. Only outstanding and experienced professionals are recognized for being Legal Elite. A lawyer cannot purchase his or her way in to being recognized as a member of the Virginia Business Legal Elite community. Allow a New Kent County Legal Elite Attorney to review your case.

New Kent County Criminal & Traffic Lawyers Defending Route 60 Cases

New Kent County VA Route 60 Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket Traffic LawyerRoute 60 enters New Kent County just east of Bottoms Bridge and runs for approximately 19 miles passing through Mountcastle, Providence Forge, and Lanexa before it then enters James City County. Route 60 is sometimes used as an alternate route to Interstate 64 when I-64 becomes congested. There are three main interchanges: first with New Kent Highway (Route 33/Route 249) near Bottoms Bridge, then Route 609 (Emmaus Church Road / Roxbury Road), and finally Route 155 (Courthouse Road) in Providence Forge. There are sections where the speed limit drops from 55 mph to 45 mph. Law enforcement aggressively monitors these changes. Contact a top rated New Kent County VA lawyer today for help with your Route 60 case.

New Kent County Trial Courts Are Adversarial By Design

New Kent County VA Criminal Law Reckless Driving Traffic Violation Defense AttorneyIf you have been accused of violating a New Kent County VA criminal or traffic law, then your case will eventually be set for trial before the New Kent County Courts. Criminal and traffic violation trials are adversarial in nature. This involves a structured and formalized dispute between the New Kent County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and the defense. The adversarial system is designed to ensure a fair trial according to the rules of law and evidence by allowing each party to present their case and to be able to challenge the other’s evidence and arguments. The judge evaluates the evidence and arguments to reach a verdict. This system ensures that the prosecution meets its high standard of proof.

Extensive Experience & Specialized Training Make Better Advocates

New Kent County VA Trial LawyersOur New Kent County lawyers are members of some of prestigious legal organizations, such as the the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association (VTLA). The VTLA’s mission is dedicated to enhancing the skills, knowledge, and professionalism of trial lawyers. We believe membership and leadership with prominent trial lawyer organizations make us better New Kent County trial lawyers and advocates for our clients. Criminal law and traffic defense attorneys are trial lawyers. Not all lawyers are trial lawyers. It is in your best interests to consult a New Kent VA lawyer with specialized training if you need representation before the New Kent Courts for either a criminal law allegation or a summons for a traffic violation. We will present your best defense!

Sustaining Member National College for DUI / DWI Defense

New Kent County VA DUI DWI Attorney Defense LawyerThe National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) is a organization dedicated to improving the trial skills of DUI / DWI lawyers. NCDD members are the most experienced DUI  / DWI defense attorneys. New Kent County DUI / DWI cases are complex because they require an understanding of scientific and legal processes. The legal issues of a New Kent DUI / DWI case ranges from search and seizure to complex evidentiary issues. These legal issues intersect in a DUI / DWI case with scientific areas of expertise, such as toxicology and the pseudo-scientific areas of field sobriety testing. Our New Kent County VA lawyers understand the operations of breath test equipment and other instruments utilized by forensic laboratories in the process of testing for intoxicants.

Superb Avvo Rated New Kent VA Lawyers

Superb Avvo Rated New Kent County VA LawyersThe Avvo Lawyer Rating can help you find the right New Kent County attorney. Avvo was derived from “avvocato”, the Italian word for lawyer. Avvo is a legal directory that rates legal professionals using a mathematical model on a scale of 1 (Extreme  Caution) to 10 (Superb). Members of our New Kent County VA law firm maintain a 10.0 Superb Avvo rating. Avvo collects relevant information from state bar associations, other organizations that license legal professionals and thousands of consumers to calculate its rating. The same set of standards are used for every lawyer that is evaluated. The Avvo rating is merit based. You cannot pay a fee to improve your Avvo rating.

Out of State Residents Retain Top Rated New Kent County Lawyers

Out of State Residents Retain Top Rated New Kent County VA LawyersOut-of-state residents will need a top rated New Kent VA lawyer for their criminal or traffic case. Many of the New Kent County traffic violation cases before the Courts involve drivers who are not from the area. These cases can range from a minor speeding ticket to something more serious that triggered an arrest. Just because you are not from the area does not mean you can ignore an incident that occurred in New Kent County. If convicted, the incident will follow you and be reported back to the home state. We represent residents from Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, District of Columbia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire & Maine.

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