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Best Law Firm 2024 Riley Wells Attorneys at Law - Traffic Ticket, Reckless Driving, Speeding, and Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is an established local law firm that has successfully represented thousands of satisfied clients in Dinwiddie VA. Our Dinwiddie County VA Traffic Lawyers have over 60 collective years of traffic law experience. We are dedicated to traffic law defense. Our law firm has been recognized as a “Best Law Firm” and rated “AV Preeminent” for legal excellence and high ethical standards by the legal community. Let us review your case. You can benefit from our experience. Our firm has been positively reviewed more than any other firm that practices traffic law in Dinwiddie County. CAUTION: A Dinwiddie County VA traffic law conviction will on average increase the automobile insurance according to

Strict Dinwiddie VA Law Enforcement Aggressively Enforce Traffic Law

Dinwiddie County VA Traffic Lawyer A Virginia traffic violation can be classified as either a criminal offense or a traffic infraction. Criminal offenses are classified as either a felony or misdemeanor depending upon the seriousness of the offense. Reckless driving, DUI / DWI, and speeding are some of the more popularly enforced Dinwiddie County traffic violations. Penalties may include incarceration, loss of driving privileges & excessive fines depending upon the offense. We examine every Dinwiddie VA traffic case in detail to determine the best defense strategy. Our goal is to secure each client the best possible outcome according to the law and facts of the case. We have the experience to protect you and your future.

Dinwiddie County Traffic Lawyer Client Review

Zach Murray
Zach Murray
Fantastic results from a Professional Team that answered every question promptly. Can't argue with great results! Highly recommended.

Experienced Traffic Lawyers Dinwiddie County

Dinwiddie County VA Traffic Attorneys Represent Clients Before The Dinwiddie CourtsOur Dinwiddie County Traffic Lawyers specialize in defending traffic cases. We represent clients in the Dinwiddie Courts every week. Our firm takes the time to listen and understand the details of your case. Many law firms will not interview you about the facts of your case or provide a free consultation with a top rated attorney. We believe clients can benefit from a law firm that has successfully defended thousands of cases in the Dinwiddie Courts. Our traffic law attorneys know what arguments work and those that do not work. We use proven trial strategies to secure our client the best possible outcome. Our lawyers have earned the respect of the Dinwiddie VA judges.

Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law Can Defend Any Dinwiddie VA Traffic Case

  • Habitual Offender
  • Eluding the Police
  • DUI / DWI
  • Hit & Run
  • No valid driver’s license
  • Suspended or revoked driver’s license
  • Commercial driver’s license violations
  • Reckless Driving
  • Failure to “Move Over” or yield to stationary emergency vehicle
  • License restoration
  • Out of state drivers
  • Speeding Ticket
  • Accidents
  • Moving violations
  • Driving Without Automobile Insurance
  • Aggressive driving

Free Consultation with Most Rated Dinwiddie VA Traffic Lawyers

Free Consultation with Most Rated Dinwiddie VA Traffic LawyersSome motorists think they do not need a traffic lawyer for their Dinwiddie traffic case. The biggest issues with representing yourself in traffic court is the lack of experience and legal knowledge. The average person typically does not understand the best course of action to defend a particular traffic case. Experienced Dinwiddie VA traffic attorneys know the best tactics and options for obtaining the best results. Our lawyers spend hours in the Dinwiddie VA Courts every week and are familiar with the habits of the different judges and the law enforcement officers who make the arrests and issue the traffic tickets. This local knowledge can prove to be invaluable in deciding how to best defend a traffic case.

Virginia Uniform Summons Traffic Ticket Issued by Dinwiddie Police

Dinwiddie County VA Reckless Driving Speeding Traffic Ticket LawyerA Virginia Uniform Summons is the legal document issued by Dinwiddie VA law enforcement officers during a traffic stop. Motorists often refer to this document as either a traffic ticket or traffic citation. The summons serves as legal notice for the alleged traffic violation. Signing the summons is not an admission of guilt. The summons advises you that the hearing will be at the Dinwiddie County Courthouse on a particular date and time. A law enforcement can also issue a summons for criminal offenses such as reckless driving and other misdemeanor offenses. Allow us to review your summons. We can develop a defense strategy even if you think you are guilty.

Driver Improvement Program For Dinwiddie County VA Traffic Cases

Driver Improvement Program For Dinwiddie County VA Traffic CasesA Driver Improvement Program also known as a Traffic School is an educational course designed to improve the knowledge and driving skills of participants. One of the main purposes of a Driver Improvement Program is to provide a pathway for traffic court defendants to mitigate the consequences of their Dinwiddie County VA case. Completing a program may assist the lawyer in convincing the Dinwiddie Judge to dismiss or reduce the case. The duration of a Driver Improvement Program can either be a 12 hour course or an 8 hour course. The program has in person and online formats. Consult our Dinwiddie County VA traffic lawyer to understand your options before you pursue a driver improvement program for your traffic case.

Dinwiddie VA Traffic Law Attorneys

dinwiddie county traffic tickets are issued every day by dinwiddie deputy sheriffs and state troopers. do not prepay your ticket without first consulting a dinwiddie va traffic lawyer first

Dinwiddie County Traffic Ticket

Most Dinwiddie County VA traffic law violations are issued on a Virginia Uniform Summons. Many motorists think that the ticket that has been issued to them by Dinwiddie law enforcement is a minor infraction. However, in many instances, the ticket is a criminal misdemeanor violation such as reckless driving due to excessive speed. NOTE: DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY. DO NOT “PRE-PAY” A TRAFFIC TICKET. CONSULT A DINWIDDIE COUNTY TRAFFIC LAWYER before doing anything. Our traffic attorneys know how to successfully resolve your Dinwiddie VA traffic ticket.

Criminal Traffic Violations Can Carry Harsh Penalties

  • Maximum fine of $2,500
  • Incarceration
  • Suspension or Revocation of driving privileges
  • Moving violation demerit points
  • Increased automobile insurance premiums
  • Loss of employment

Dinwiddie County Traffic Law Enforcement Along Interstate 85 Corridor

Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law are experienced Dinwiddie VA traffic lawyers that can defend any Dinwiddie County traffic violation Interstate 85 runs through the heart of Dinwiddie County for approximately 22 miles. Dinwiddie Deputy Sheriff’s and State Troopers issue traffic tickets for violations on I-85. Many clients do not think they need a lawyer for their traffic case. This may be true in some cases. However, an experienced Dinwiddie VA traffic lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected, that you are not intimidated in the Courtroom and that you secure the best result possible. In many instances, we can defend our client’s traffic case without the client having to return to Dinwiddie County VA for trial. Let a top rated Dinwiddie traffic lawyer review your case. We can help!

Speeding in Dinwiddie County is the Most Common Traffic Violation

Reckless Driving Speeding Dinwiddie County VA AttorneyDriving too fast in Dinwiddie County will get noticed by law enforcement. The speeding laws are the most enforced traffic laws in Dinwiddie VA by State Troopers and Dinwiddie Deputy Sheriff’s. Interstate 85 is the biggest most traveled highway in the County. Most of the enforcement occurs on this stretch of roadway. The most severe form of speeding is what Virginia calls reckless driving speeding. This offense is classified as a criminal misdemeanor and carries harsh penalties. Consult a top rated Dinwiddie County traffic lawyer before you plead guilty or attempt to appear in Court without representation.

A Conviction for Defective Equipment is a Dinwiddie Traffic Violation WIN

A Conviction for Defective Equipment is a Dinwiddie Traffic Violation WINIn some cases, we are able to convince the Dinwiddie Judge to find our client NOT GUILTY but the Judge is unwilling to dismiss the entire case. This is where a skilled Dinwiddie VA traffic attorney can use the defective equipment law to the client’s advantage. The defective equipment law pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-1003 makes it unlawful for any person to use defective equipment on a motor vehicle that is operated on a highway. This violation is not a moving violation and no demerit points are assessed by the DMV. So, convincing the Dinwiddie County Court to find our client guilty of defective equipment is a WIN when the original allegation was a moving violation demerit point offense.

Holding Cell Phone While Driving is a Dinwiddie VA Traffic Violation

Dinwiddie County VA Traffic Lawyer Hands Free Mobile Phone Law AttorneyVirginia is a Hands Free Driving State. Va. Code §46.2-818.2 prohibits having a phone or handheld personal communication device in your hand while driving in Dinwiddie VA. The Dinwiddie County law enforcement officer does not need to obtain evidence that you were doing anything in particular on the phone or device like texting while driving to prove a violation. This offense is a moving violation demerit point offense. A conviction will post to the driving record. However, there are exceptions. The hands free law does not apply to drivers who are lawfully parked or stopped, drivers reporting emergencies, and drivers using an amateur or citizens band radio.

Dinwiddie VA Eluding the Police allegation DISMISSED

eluding the police is a serious misdemeanor criminal offense. if you have been charged with this or any other traffic violation in dinwiddie county, then you need a skilled dinwiddie va traffic lawyer

Dinwiddie VA Elude Police DISMISSED

Our Dinwiddie Traffic Lawyer represented a client charged with eluding the police. Eluding the police can be a felony or a misdemeanor. The initial reason for the traffic stop was for speeding. Our client maintained that she never saw or heard the Dinwiddie Deputy Sheriff who was trying to make the traffic stop. She claimed that she was not aware that the Deputy Sheriff was attempting to pull her over. Our client was terrified of going to jail and being convicted of a criminal offense. We were successful with our cross-examination of the Deputy Sheriff and our argument to the Court. Case DISMISSED!

Dinwiddie VA Traffic Lawyer Client Review

Drive away happy 5.0 stars Posted by Alfred February 18, 2013 When I hired Mr. Wells I was charged with wreckless driving for doing 93/70. To keep it brief he successfully settled my case with a lesser charge of improper driving. I'm exceptionally grateful for his expertise and professionalism. His dedicated staff helped keep me informed and were very responsive. I highly recommend Mr. Wells and will return if I ever have any legal trouble in the future.

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