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Hanover County reckless driving cases initially go before the General District Court unless the motorist is a juvenile or the case is appealed to the Circuit Court.The Hanover Courts are strict about reckless driving. If you have been ticketed or arrested for Reckless Driving in Hanover County VA, then you need an experienced Hanover VA Reckless Driving Lawyer. In fact, a motorist can be convicted of Reckless Driving for speeding as little as 16 miles per hour over the limit if the speed allegation is 86 miles per hour in a 70 mile per hour speed zone. A conviction for Reckless Driving can severely jeopardize your freedom, your career, and your driving record.

CAUTION: A reckless driving conviction will on average increase the automobile insurance premium by 73% or $1,046 EACH YEAR, according to a study conducted by Insurance.com

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A Best Law Firm for Virginia Criminal Law and Traffic Defense Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is a local Hanover VA law firm. Our lawyers have accumulated over 45 years of combined reckless driving law experience. We are recognized for superior legal ability and high ethical standards. Our attorneys will examine your case, deploy successful strategies during our representation, and use every resource the law allows to secure the best possible outcome. We are skilled Hanover VA Reckless Driving Lawyers with a successful record of professional representation.

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Dale Harris
Dale Harris
01:55 26 Nov 21
Trust and integrity is simply the watch words for Riley & Wells. I live in NC and needed legal help in the state of Virginia. I called Riley & Wells and they handled all of my legal matters above and beyond any set standards. Everyone I spoke to on the phone or in email treated with the upmost respect. They took care of my legal issues to highest level of my satisfaction without me needing to travel back to VA. They are truly the best legal team that I have ever met. If you need a total professional legal team with super and affordable prices please call Riley & Wells.

Virginia Reckless Driving Penalties – Hanover County

  • Maximum 12 months in jail
  • Maximum $2,500 fine
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Community service

  • Driver improvement programs
  • Potential employment issues
  • Increased automobile insurance rates
  • Permanent criminal record

Hanover County Reckless Driving Speeding Attorneys

Hanover County Reckless Driving Speeding Lawyers Riley & Wells can help you with your reckless driving caseThe Reckless Driving Speeding law pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-862 is the most enforced reckless driving law. State Troopers patrol Interstates 95 & 295 in Hanover County. The law states that driving 20 mph or more above the speed limit OR in excess of 85 mph is reckless driving. We defend this type of case in the Hanover Courts every week and know how to best protect our clients. The facts of each case can vary, but we have the knowledge and expertise to select your best defenses.

Reckless Driving Accident Defense Attorneys Hanover VA

hanover va reckless driving allegations are usually made on a virginia uniform summons

Hanover County VA Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket

Reckless Driving in Hanover County VA is also charged and prosecuted pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-852 & Va. Code 46.2-853. These laws state that fail to maintain proper control of a vehicle on any highway and driving on any highway in a manner that endangers life, limb, or property is considered reckless driving. State Troopers and Deputy Sheriffs will typically make this allegation in cases involving motor vehicle crashes or accidents. If you have been involved in an accident and charged with reckless driving, then you need to contact an experienced Hanover VA Reckless Driving Attorney who knows how to best defend this type of allegation.

Hanover VA Reckless Driving Racing

driving too fast in Hanover VA may get you pulled over by the police for Reckless Driving A race between two or more motor vehicles on the highways in Hanover County VA is a violation of the reckless driving law pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-865. The penalties for a reckless driving racing conviction can be much more severe than a conviction for reckless driving under the other Virginia reckless driving law sections. If you have been involved in a racing incident and charged with reckless driving-racing, then you need to immediately contact an experienced Hanover County VA Reckless Driving Lawyer.

Racing is a Form of Reckless Driving in Hanover VA

Hanover County VA Reckless Driving tickets are issued up and down interstate 95 and 295A conviction under the reckless driving racing law must show proof beyond reasonable doubt that two or more individuals were in fact, engaged in a race. In most cases, the State Trooper or Deputy Sheriff who observed the driving will seek to establish this element by getting the driver to admit involvement in a race, which would be admissible evidence in a trial. If there are no admissions made by the driver, then the court must hear testimony of observations suggesting a race.

Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law Can Defend Any Hanover Reckless Driving Case

  • 46.2-852 General rule
  • 46.2-853 Faulty brakes
  • 46.2-854 Passing on a grade or on a curve
  • 46.2-855 View obstructed/control impaired
  • 46.2-856 Passing two vehicles abreast
  • 46.2-857 Driving two abreast
  • 46.2-858 Passing at a railroad crossing
  • 46.2-859 Passing a stopped school bus
  • 46.2-860 Failing to give proper signals
  • 46.2-861 Driving too fast conditions
  • 46.2-861.1 Fail to “Move Over” or yield to stationary emergency vehicle
  • 46.2-862 Excessive speed
  • 46.2-863 Failure to yield
  • 46.2-864 Parking lots, etc
  • 46.2-865.1 Injury or death while racing
  • 46.2-866 Racing; aiders or abettors
  • 46.2-867 Racing; seizure of motor vehicle
  • 46.2-868.1 Aggressive driving
  • 46.2-869 Improper driving

Hanover County VA Reckless Driving Client Reviews

Out of Town Speeding Shocker! 5.0 stars Posted by Chris September 19, 2014 We live in New York and I was driving the family down to Myrtle Beach. I received a speeding ticket for driving 85mph in a 70mph zone going around Richmond. The officer mentioned that over 80mph was considered reckless driving in VA. This stuck in the back of my mind. After contacting the court, I was shocked to find out that the charge of Reckless Driving is a Class 1 Misdemeanor. I decided to hire an attorney and went to AVVO. After reading the reviews I decided to go with Mitchell Wells. I called him and he could not have been nicer or more knowledgeable. His team makes the process simple and puts your nerves at ease. The outcome was a defective equipment, no points, non-moving traffic infraction. It is tough to find an out of town lawyer. This is the guy you should use!Jonathan Kibbey 2 months ago- My experience at Riley and Wells was excellent. My free consultation took place over the phone which was convenient but also very thorough. Mr. Riley took the time to listen to the details of my case, gave me an idea of what to expect in court, and advised me on what to do before going to ensure a better result. When my court date arrived Mr. Wells spoke with me briefly about the details and what he anticipated the result would be before meeting with the prosecutor. I ended up with all three charges, one of which was reckless driving dismissed! Thank you for a great experience.
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