Community Service For Your Virginia Criminal Or Traffic Case

Community Service is ordered by the Virginia Court in some cases. Sometimes it can be helpful if our client voluntarily performs Community Service. Community Service can be an alternative to incarceration and can sometimes lead to charges being reduced or dismissed. Sometimes the defendant can perform the ordered community service thru any nationally recognized 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and sometimes the community service must be performed thru the Court’s community corrections program.

Community Service organizations

The Community Service organizations listed below are the most popular and will satisfy the Virginia Court’s Community Service requirement if the ordered Community Service is NOT to be supervised by the Court’s community corrections department. Regardless of which organization you eventually elect to volunteer with, make sure that the organization is not a church, not a government agency, and not an organization you are affiliated with. If the organization is not well known, then it may be necessary to provide a document in addition to the community service completion document that outlines what the organization is and what function it performs. ***Upon successful completion, the Court will require a letter written from the Community Service organization signed and notarized by an organization official that documents that the community service was successfully performed. Timesheets that may be signed by an official are not sufficient***

If the Court has ordered community service to be performed and supervised thru the Court’s community corrections department then it will be necessary to contact that department to fulfill the Court’s order. Click here for the statewide directory of Community Correction departments. Below is a list of community correction departments by the jurisdiction where we primarily represent clients.

4/12/2016 | Updated 8/19/2021