Driver Improvement For Traffic Offenses In Virginia

Sometimes completing a driver improvement program can help the client’s Virginia traffic case. In Virginia, there are two types of driver improvement programs. There is an 8-hour course and a 12-hour course. The type of driver improvement course that might be necessary for your case will be based on the facts of the case, arguments made by counsel, and the Court’s order.

Virginia DMV Approved Driver Improvement Program (8 hour course)

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) driver improvement program is an 8-hour in-person or online instructional program. Most clients prefer the online option. ***NOTE: Completing a Virginia DMV-approved on-line driver improvement program is accepted by the Court unless the Court specifically orders otherwise. Additionally, driver’s under the age of 20 may NOT be eligible for the online option. Contact our office directly if you have a specific question about your case.*** The course discusses a wide variety of subjects including traffic rules, highway safety, effective defensive driving techniques, distracted driving, impaired driving, aggressive driving, and DMV guidelines. Students are then required to pass a multiple-choice test. Upon completion, the driver improvement program will generate an original completion certificate. This original completion certificate must then be presented to the Court. In most instances, the Court that orders the driver improvement program has no preference as to which driver improvement is completed as long as the course is Virginia DMV approved. More information about the Virginia DMV driver improvement program can be found here.

For out-of-state motorists selecting the online option, the Virginia Court has ordered you to complete a Virginia DMV approved driver improvement program. Many of the Virginia DMV approved driver improvement programs are offered by national providers. Select the Virginia course, NOT the course from your home state.

Reckless Aggressive Driver Education Program (12-hour course)

The Reckless Aggressive Driver Education Program (RADEP) is a 12-hour in-person driver improvement program for defendant motorists typically charged with non-alcohol related reckless and/or aggressive driving offenses. RADEP is a program that is offered by the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP). The program is presented in one 8-hour segment and one 4-hour segment. Segment one is an 8-hour segment based on a DMV approved VASAP driver improvement curriculum. This 8-hour segment is a prerequisite to participate in the 4-hour Reckless Aggressive segment. Segment two is a 4-hour session that addresses the many causes of reckless/aggressive driving and teaches methods to avoid situations that encourage dangerous driving behavior. Classes are held on weekends and evenings. More information can be found about VASAP programs and locations by visiting their website here.

The National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI) offers an online 12-hour Advanced Driver Improvement Class. Most Virginia Courts we practice in will accept the Florida online version of the 12 hour reckless aggressive driver education program offered by NTSI, which can be found here.