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the motorist receives a yellow copy of the speeding ticket with the original top copy going to the court

Virginia Uniform Summons

Virginia ranks as one of the toughest states on speeders. A VA Speeding Ticket is probably the most common type of traffic violation in Virginia. Consult a top rated traffic ticket attorney in Virginia before you attempt to plead guilty. NOTE: Receiving a citation for speeding is NOT a conviction. A conviction can negatively affect you in many ways. Excessive fines. Assessment of moving violation demerit points to your driving record. Loss of driving privileges depending on speed and prior convictions. Increased insurance premiums. We can protect your interests. Let us review your case!

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Effective VA Speeding Traffic Violation Attorneys

Best Law Firm 2024 Riley Wells Attorneys at Law - Traffic Ticket, Reckless Driving, Speeding, and Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is an established Virginia law firm that defends clients accused of speeding. Our Virginia Speeding Ticket Attorneys possess over 60 years of collective experience of successfully representing clients. We can ensure that your rights are protected, that you are not intimidated in the courtroom, and that you increase your chances of securing a better result than you could obtain. Our firm has been favorably rated more than any other law firm in the Commonwealth that defends speeding cases. CAUTION: A conviction for speeding will on average, increase the automobile insurance premium by 20%-30% EACH YEAR, according to a study conducted by

Successful Virginia Speeding Defense Attorney Client Review

Successful Virginia Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney Client Review

Interstate Speeding Traffic Court Defense Lawyers

Virginia Interstate Speeding Ticket LawyersVirginia interstates are heavily traveled. There are over 1,118 interstate miles in VA. Primary highways total 8111 miles and consist of U.S. Routes and primary state routes. There are also 48,305 miles of secondary routes in the Commonwealth. These roads attract the attention of Virginia State Troopers and County Deputy Sheriffs. Driving too fast for too long on a VA interstate will likely get noticed by law enforcement. Do NOT plead guilty without consulting an attorney specializing in traffic law defense. Our top rated attorneys have extensive experience defending this type of case. We defend speeding cases before the Virginia courts every week. We know how to defend your case best.

VA Reckless Driving Speeding Attorneys

VA Reckless Driving Speeding Ticket LawyerThere are over 10 different VA reckless driving laws. The most enforced and also the most serious type of speeding offense is the Reckless Driving Ticket pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-862. Reckless driving in Virginia is a criminal misdemeanor violation. A driver is guilty of reckless driving for traveling at 20 miles per hour or more above the speed limit OR over 85 miles per hour regardless of the speed limit. There are many places on Virginia interstates where the speed limit is 70 miles per hour. Driving 16 mph over the 70 mph speed limit can trigger this harsh law. Our top rated speeding lawyers successfully represent clients who have been charged with violating this law.

Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law Defend VA Speeding Cases

  • 46.2-862 Reckless Driving-Speeding
  • 46.2-870 Speeding
  • 46.2-871 School Buses
  • 46.2-872 Special Permits
  • 46.2-873 School Zones
  • 46.2-874 Business or Residential District
  • 46.2-873.2 Rural Rustic Roads
  • 46.2-877 Impeding the Flow of Traffic
  • 46.2-878 Change Speed Limits
  • 46.2-878.1 Highway Work Zone
  • 46.2-878.2 Certain Residential Districts
  • 46.2-947 Highway Safety Corridor

Free Consultation with Top Rated VA Speeding Ticket Lawyers

VA Reckless Driving Attorney Traffic Ticket Speeding Lawyer Free ConsultationSome drivers think they do not need a lawyer for their speeding case. The answer really depends on your circumstances and the seriousness of the case. The biggest issues with representing yourself is the lack of experience and legal knowledge. The average motorist does not understand the best course of action to defend a speeding case. Our experienced speeding ticket attorneys know the best tactics and options for obtaining the best results. Our lawyers spend hours in the Virginia Traffic Courts every week and are familiar with the habits of the different judges and the law enforcement officers who issue the speeding tickets. This local knowledge can prove to be invaluable in deciding how to best defend a speed case.

Virginia Uniform Summons Speeding Ticket Issued by VA Police

VA Police Officers Issue Reckless Driving Speeding Traffic Tickets on a Virginia Uniform SummonsA Virginia Uniform Summons is the legal document issued by VA law enforcement officers during a traffic stop for speeding. Most people refer to this document as either a speeding ticket or traffic citation. The summons serves as legal notice for the alleged violation. Signing the summons is not an admission of guilt. The summons advises you that a trial date has been set in a Virginia District Court. A law enforcement officer can also issue a summons for criminal offenses such as reckless driving and other misdemeanor offenses. Allow us to review your summons. We can develop a defense strategy for your VA speeding case even if you think you are guilty.

Attorneys Defending RADAR and LIDAR Speeding Cases

VA Speeding Ticket Lawyer Defends RADAR CasesState Troopers, Deputy Sheriffs and Police Officers use various speed detection devices to gather evidence in speeding cases. VA law enforcement officers must be trained by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services before they can use RADAR or LIDAR for enforcement purposes. There are various steps that must be followed for a law enforcement officer’s testimony about a speed result to be admissible. Va. Code 46.2-882 must also be following in speeding cases. Our VA speeding lawyers know how to defend theses cases. We know the best strategies to use at trial to protect our clients.  Increase your chances of successfully dealing with your Virginia speeding ticket by contacting us today for a free initial consultation.

Virginia Speeding Ticket Trial General District Court

Virginia Speeding Ticket Trial General District CourtAdult motorists accused of speeding will likely be issued a Virginia Uniform Summons by the law enforcement officer. A trial date will be set before a Virginia General District Court. Trials are adversarial by design. The criminal justice system involves a structured and formalized dispute between the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office and the defense. This system is designed to ensure a fair trial process subject to the rules of law and evidence by allowing each side to present their case and to be able to challenge the other’s arguments and evidence. The District Court Judge ultimately evaluates the evidence, arguments, and the credibility of witnesses to reach a verdict. This system ensures that the prosecution meets its high standard of proof.

Speed Trap in VA Small Cities and Towns

Virginia Speed Trap Defense Attorney There are plenty of speed traps in Virginia. Speed traps are an area of the road where police officers hide in order to detect vehicles exceeding a speed limit. But a recent study conducted by Governing Magazine reveals that it may be small cities and towns like Sussex, Brunswick and Emporia/Greensville are particularly aggressive with enforcing the speed limit. The study found that Town of Eastville on the Eastern Shore in Northampton County relies more on traffic fines for revenue, with an astounding 72% of its budget coming from traffic fines and forfeitures. We are the premier traffic tickets attorneys in Virginia that will present your best defense.

VA Speeding Attorney Client Review

Do not speed in Virginia 5.0 stars Posted by Patrick on Oct 31 Hired attorney Being unfamiliar with how much lawyers usually cost for these types of cases I would say it was fair. Reckless Driving charge in Virginia bumped down to defective equipment is ok with me. The initial call to Cody was all I needed to tell me he was the guy for me, He laid out what he expected to happen for my case and laid to rest any misconceptions I had. Now I hear this outcome is a common one for courts in VA whether there is a lawyer involved or not but since I live and work out of town it would have been hard to make it to court for my case and who knows how long that day would have been in court. Cody and his office were quick to get me answers and prompt to inform me of the decision in my case

Speedometer Calibration For VA Speeding Ticket Cases

Top Rated VA Speeding Ticket Lawyers Use The Speedometer Calibration DefenseThere are instances in Virginia speeding ticket cases where the defendant is operating a motor vehicle with a defective speedometer. A speedometer calibration may assist our top rated VA speeding ticket lawyers. A speedometer calibration is a specialized test performed by certain mechanics that measures the accuracy of a vehicle’s speedometer. Not just any mechanic can perform this type of diagnostic test. The test comes with a report showing whether the speedometer was off and if so, by how many miles per hour. An experienced VA speeding ticket lawyer will introduce evidence of the calibration results pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-942. Such evidence shall be considered by the court in both determining guilt or innocence and in fixing punishment.

Driver Improvement Program For VA Speeding Ticket

Completing a Driver Improvement Program For VA Speeding Ticket may be assist convincing the Court to Dismiss the caseA Driver Improvement Program or Traffic School is an educational course designed to improve the knowledge and driving skills of participants. One reason a driver may complete a Driver Improvement Program is to provide a pathway for motorists to mitigate the consequences of their Virginia Speeding Ticket. Completing a program may assist our top rated VA speeding lawyers in convincing the Judge to dismiss or reduce the case. The duration of a Driver Improvement Program can either be a 12 hour or 8 hour course. The program has in person and online formats. Consult our VA traffic court lawyers to understand your options before you pursue a driver improvement program for your traffic case.

Virginia Speeding Ticket REDUCED to Defective Equipment is a WIN

Top Rated VA Speeding Lawyer uses the Defective Speedometer No Points LawIn some cases, the Judge is unwilling to completely dismiss a speeding ticket case completely on a NOT GUILTY verdict. This is where a top rated  VA speeding ticket lawyer may be able to use the defective speedometer  law to the client’s advantage. The defective speedometer law pursuant to Va. Code 46.2-1080 makes it unlawful to operate a vehicle on a highway with a speedometer that is not in good working order. This law is a traffic violation but is a non-moving violation no demerit point offense. So, convincing the General District Court Judge to find our client guilty of defective speedometer in a speeding case is a victory. Speedometer calibration evidence is not always necessary.

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