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VASAP Violation Non-Compliance AttorneyThe Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) is a court-ordered education and treatment program. Failure to complete VASAP will trigger serious penalties. Successful completion will require 1) attending appointments and classes, 2) abstaining from drug and alcohol use, 3) properly using the ignition interlock device if ordered, and 4) not getting arrested or charged with new violations. A VASAP violation can trigger more supervision, new charges, loss of restricted driving privileges, and jail.

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Best Law Firm 2024 Riley Wells Attorneys at Law - Traffic Ticket, Reckless Driving, Speeding, and Virginia Criminal Defense Lawyer Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is a prominent local Central Virginia law firm with over 45 years of combined experience. Our lawyers successfully represent clients accused of VASAP violation non-compliance allegations. If you have been accused of violating any provision of your VASAP requirements, then you will need a skilled attorney to present your best defense before the Court. VASAP caseworkers report violations the Judge.

VASAP Violations Carry Penalties Similar to the Prior DUI Conviction

VASAP Violations Carry Penalties Similar to the Prior DUI ConvictionCommon VASAP violations include missing appointments or classes, new criminal charges, failing alcohol or drug tests, or ignition interlock issues. New alcohol or substance abuse-related charges and positive ignition interlock samples are typically more difficult to defend. If your VASAP caseworker believes you violate the terms of the VASAP program, then a non-compliance letter will be sent to the Court. This non-compliance report will trigger the Court to issue criminal charges.

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Skilled Virginia Criminal Defense Attorneys Represent VASAP Clients

Skilled Virginia Criminal Defense Attorneys Represent VASAP ClientsProperly defending a VASAP allegation is critically important because so much is on the line. First and foremost, nobody wants to go to jail. The often overlooked component to VASAP cases is the prior suspended sentence. A suspended sentence can have several months of jail time that can be activated by the Judge if its determined that you violated the terms of a prior Court order. A VASAP violation can put you in jeopardy of having a previously suspended jail sentence imposed.

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