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Henrico VA Underage Possession of Alcohol AttorneyUnderage Possession of Alcohol in Henrico County is not taken lightly. Va. Code§ 4.1-305 make the purchase, possession or consumption of any alcoholic beverage a class 1 misdemeanor criminal offense. Henrico County Police, University of Richmond Police and Virginia ABC Agents aggressively enforce this law. This type of violation is prosecuted by the Henrico County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office. If you have been charged with this type of offense, then you need legal experienced defense counsel.

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Dale Harris
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Riley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is a Best Law Firm for Henrico County VA underage alcohol possession casesRiley & Wells Attorneys-At-Law is a prominent local Henrico County criminal law defense firm. Our lawyers represent clients accused of Underage Possession of Alcohol before the Henrico Courts. We will help you understand the allegation you are facing, the possible defenses of your case, and the consequences of a conviction. Our attorneys will examine the facts and circumstances surrounding your arrest. We will be looking for defenses to your case.

Henrico VA Alcohol Possession Violation Defense Attorneys

Henrico VA Alcohol Violation Defense AttorneysIn some cases, the police may have violated your Fourth Amendment Constitutional rights. Did the police have a reasonable suspicion to stop you? Was any warrant supported by probable cause? In many cases, you can prevail on a number of defense objections or motions. Sometimes the best option may be to plea bargain your case with the prosecutor. In either case, successfully resolving this type of case can only realistically be accomplished with the assistance of an accomplished lawyer. 

Penalties for Virginia Underage Alcohol Law Violation

  • Maximum 12 months in jail
  • Maximum $2,500 fine
  • 50 hours of community service
  • Alcohol Education and/or Treatment
  • Random Testing
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Permanent criminal record

Henrico County Underage Possession of Alcohol Cases DISMISSED

Henrico County Underage Possession of Alcohol Cases DISMISSEDOur attorneys regularly represent clients in the Henrico Courts who have been charged with underage possession of alcohol violations. Many are students from area colleges: U of R, VCU, Virginia Union & John Tyler. CAUTION: Do not attempt to defend your criminal case without representation. In Virginia, criminal convictions are permanent and cannot be expunged or sealed. This case result is just one example where we secured a dismissal for our client’s case. Click on image for Court record.

Related Alcohol Possession Offenses Henrico County VA

Underage Drinking—Information for Parents and Teens Drinking and Driving The amount of alcohol in a person’s body is measured by the weight of the alcohol in a certain volume of blood. This is called the blood alcohol concentration or BAC. Alcohol is quickly absorbed and can be measured within 30 to 70 minutes of alcohol consumption. In 2010, one in five drivers ages 16–19 years involved in fatal crashes had a positive BAC. *Also in 2010, during prom/graduation season (April-June) 706 youths died in motor vehicle crashes, of which 66 percent were alcohol related. (*From www.NHTSA.dot.gov) Information provided in this brochure was found at the below web sites: www.cdc.gov www.nhtsa.dot.gov www.abc.virginia.gov www.virginiarules.com Communicate with teens your ‘no drinking’ rules and the consequences for breaking them. Empower teens to make their own decisions based on what they know is right, not on what their peers might think or do. Tell them to call you immediately if they get into a situation they know isn’t safe – no matter what time it is and no matter where they are. Assure them they will not be in trouble for making that call. Talk to them. It makes a difference. Be a good role model. The example you set as a responsible adult is one of the most important ways you can demonstrate to your children your values and ideas about drinking. Believe it or not, teens actually identify their parents as the number one influence on whether they drink alcohol or not. Monitor social media. Know what social media tools your children are using. Young people often discuss their activities, to include drinking, on these sites. Providing alcohol to minors is illegal and irresponsible. According to research, two-thirds of teenagers who drink report getting alcohol from their parents or other adults. A parent hosting a party with alcohol for teens – even once – sends a message to teens that it’s okay to break the law. If you are caught drinking underage or under the influence of alcohol while underage, you will be charged. Stop and think before you drink! Youths who drink alcohol are more likely to experience:  School problems, such as more absences and poor or failing grades.  Social problems, such as fighting and lack of participation in activities.  Legal problems, such as being arrested.  Unprotected, unplanned, and unwanted sexual activity.  Disruption of normal growth and sexual development.  Alcohol-related car crashes and other unintentional physical injuries.  Changes in brain development that may have life-long effects, to include memory problems.  Higher risk for suicide and homicide.  Abuse of other drugs.  Death from alcohol poisoning.  Young people who start drinking before age 15 are five times more likely to develop alcohol dependence or abuse later in life than those who begin drinking at or after age 21. Zero Tolerance In an effort to save the lives and preserve the health of our children, Chief Douglas A. Middleton and Commonwealth’s Attorney Shannon Taylor have agreed to follow a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking. As a result, the Henrico County Police Division will take a zero tolerance approach to its under age drinking enforcement efforts. Persons under the age of 21 using alcohol poses serious public health and safety risks. Youths in the United States more commonly use and abuse alcohol than tobacco and illicit drugs. Alcohol abuse is responsible for more than 4,700 deaths annually among underage youths. Eleven percent of all alcohol consumed in the United States is consumed by persons between the ages of 12 to 20. More than 90 percent of this alcohol is consumed during binge drinking. The 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey revealed that among high school students, during the past 30 days: 39% drank some amount of alcohol 22% binge drank 8% drove after drinking alcohol 24% rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol. General Information on Alcohol Consumption by Youth

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